Tennessee Frograil Railfan Tour Map

A self-guiding railfan tour

1. CN/IC ex-Illinois Central main line from southwest Memphis, thru Memphis, and on to Covington. This is a difficult tour, and should be attempted only by experienced, combat-type railfans.

2. The Clinchfield Railroad tour goes all the way from Spartanburg, South Carolina, thru North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and finally all the way to Shelbiana, Kentucky. The entire tour is complete, with a north and south tour guide.

3. This is the continuation of the Salisbury, North Carolina - New Line, Tennessee S-Line and River Line tours. It is complete from Asheville, North Carolina to New Line.

4. Part of a Bluefield, Virginia to Birmingham, Alabama tour, these segments have been completed from St. Paul, Virginia, thru Knoxville, Tennessee.